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Our Business Philosophy
“To become a distinctively creative partner as judged by our clients in strategy building and investment resource mobilization.”

About Us

It started the Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Ace David began to deputize Jojo in handling significant projects during their stint in The EuroCredit Group in 2008, a community banking and financial services company. Ace, in his capacity as the Executive Vice President for Investment and Institutional Banking and concurrent Assistant to the Chairman of the Board and Jojo de Mesa, as the Chief Finance Officer and Comptroller have at once forged a collaborative effort as they move the company forward. After almost two years in service, Jojo decided to pursue his private practice of public accounting, capitalizing on his more than 20 years of experience in accounting and comptrollership positions. He was once an external auditor with SyCip, Gorres, Velayo & Co.

Mr. David on the other hand, moved to working as Special Economic Development Advisor to the President of the Republic of Palau focusing on investor relations. Their paths have crossed sporadically after EuroCredit. Clients in the field of financial services are their common denominator. They have serviced private companies through borrowings by way of a loan facility. They provided their borrower clients a flexible and efficient source of funding dealing with United Coconut Planters Bank, Banco de Oro, Land Bank of the Philippines and Development Bank of the Philippines. Most often than not, their corporate clients fall to term loan and revolving credit line facilities. Some are serviced clients like V.V. Ramos Rice Mill, FMS Rice Mill and Fabricator Shop, Tofemi Realty Corporation among others. This partnership became more exciting as they were able to service a significant name in the show business industry. The lead singer of the band Journey, Mr. Arnel Pineda had sought their services to perform an internal audit of the latter’s business – Rockville Bar & Restaurant. On the other hand, they occasionally package bridge financing requirement of the pioneering hotel in Quezon City, Great Eastern Hotel Group of Companies.

DCPMI is reinforced by a company owned and operated by Marla, Monex Investment and Financial Services of Hong Kong. A customer service connoisseur, Marla started her stint in BPI-acquired Far East Bank and Trust Company as Customer Service Head. Since then, she engaged herself in various retail efforts specializing in customer relations. With her value, Marla creates uniqueness as she manifests in her professional career her being an entrepreneur thereby creating impact in DCPMI’s negotiation efforts to various institutional tie ups. She is responsible for establishing Monex’s collaboration with various investment company houses. On February 28, 2012, DCPMI, the arm of the various divisions set thereafter was formally registered before the Securities and Exchange Commission with company registration number CS201203534.

Engr. Diosdado N. Cheng held office in DCP headquarters and established the ChemRep Industrial Products, a business division focused on chemical distribution since this has been his field for over 25 years. Mr. Cheng is the “C” in DCP. He has contributed the enhancement of the company’s organizational development thereby increasing work productivity.

As the business further expands, the need for a lawyer on a regular basis is sought. Atty. Brian Pellazar is the letter “P” in DCP. Atty. Brian, a street-smart lawyer was incidentally the dark horse of Messrs. David and de Mesa during their stint in the bank. Atty. Brian, who was then a university law student, was their partner in the implementation of the bank’s good governance and compliance in the regulatory requirement of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. He is now in charge of all legal matters pertaining to DCPManagers. He handles all contracts and guides the management on legal matters as they set foot on every endeavor they pursue.