Tea time with Ace David_1Teatime with Ace David

Aired as a segment of ChinatownTV over IBC 13, Teatime with Ace David takes it away with personalities and goes beyond business and leisure, thus making drinking tea a memorable occasion.

I.T. Time with Acer

IT Time with AcerThis segment of Net 25’s Pambansang Almusal is a play of word from Teatime to I.T. Time.  Great efforts and immense ideas were exerted for this program to be made possible. Mr. Manuel Wong, the General Manager of Acer Philippines, once graced Mr. Ace David’s AM radio program “You’re the Man!.” Since then, they have been in constant communication until Acer celebrated their 10th year anniversary.  This 10 magnificent years for Acer, dubbed as “Acer in10s” was conceptualized and was put into ten episodes over Pambansang Almusal of Net 25.  For these two “aces” or first-rate individuals in their respective turfs, the dialogue which transpired on September “the first” of 2012 was nothing less than historical, if not necessarily providential. The interview sparked off a sequence of fruitful “collaborations” between the institutions which the two gentlemen respectively represent. Mr. Wong is responsible for Acer’s being the number 1 PC company in the Philippines.

Philippine Showbiz Republic

PSR_Logo 1DCPManagers Inc. spearheaded one of its on track trend in the field of technology-driven news delivery, the Philippine Showbiz Republic (, which was launched on April 2, 2013.  Since then it had made a series of accomplishments like being a major sponsor to various PMPC Star Awards for TV, Movies and Music. Presently, the aces of this online entertainment portal is through the impeccable efforts of Marla David, a customer service connoisseur, a banker, a pocket event producer, an entrepreneur, a showbiz enthusiast and a publisher. Along with Marla are the pillars of the showbiz reportage industry namely Rodel Fernando, Rommel Placente and Mildred Bacud.  Along with Marla, they were the great minds who gave life to the rising leading showbiz authority.  On the other hand, the need to provide a broadcasting showbiz news delivery, DCPMI launched the PSRTV ( having “Showbiz Unlimited” as its flagship show.  It aired over IBC 13 for one season.

Behind the Lens

BTL LogoAnother genius scheme was brought to life by the firm and that was the launching of Behind the Lens ( It provides uniqueness in creativity for weddings, prenuptial activities, film, TV shows and commercials. One of its major highlights is the airing of Showbiz Unlimited over IBC 13 which is hosted by great men and women of the entertainment industry. The show has made a worthy and excellent thirteen episodes in one season which was successful because of the artistic creations of the all-around team of Behind the Lens.  The ACE strategy – Attitude, Creativity and Experience is truly remarkable as this made all their efforts consistent in accomplishing activities beyond customer expectations.